Saturday, February 11, 2012

In His Element

One thing that has always been obvious about our little man-child is his extreme joy when the clothes are shed.

The Sandman Almost Won

Beach Boy

First experience eating sand

Where Heaven meets Earth

One thing my mom wanted to do before she gets too ill is go to "where heaven meets earth". The beach is such a spiritual place for her and it was so wonderful that she was able to share this love with Arkose. Arkose learned about sand castles and the all too important moat that need always surround. He really enjoyed this special time with his Gramma. We feel so blessed to have had Arkose at a time when my mom is still well enough to hug, hold and play with him. She has imprinted her love on his soul.

Friday, September 2, 2011

One good thing about Texas is that it was far warm enough to go swimming in the early morning hours. After his first A.M. feeding, Arkose and I got all ready to hit the pool. We learned the hard way that sunscreen is nearly impossible to apply under an infant's eye to provide adequate protection, we ended up called him Rocky Racoon for almost three days after that last pool adventure. So we decided to invest in a swim cap for our little fish.